Butler Creek Farm & Nursery

Specializing in premium container grown blueberry plants

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A young blueberry patch in fall

Shown set up with drip irrigation and mulch

In early summer, cuttings are carefully selected and placed in a rooting bed

During the remainder of the summer they are kept under intermittent mist. During this first season, although they show little if any growth, they do form a nice ball of roots.

Planting instructions

Now they are just needing a home to do their job of producing delicious healthy fruit.

We are located nine miles southeast of Collinwood, Tennessee & about 20 miles north of Florence, just a little way off Iron City Road and US Highway 13. We operate out of our home, so be sure and call before coming. Price is only $3.00 each, with discounts offered for large quantities. Our address is 9553 Last Butler Road, Iron City, TN 38463, and our phone number is (931-724-5236)