Heritage Red Wattle and Large Black Pigs

Butler Creek Farm raises Registered Red Wattle, Certified Red Wattle and Large Black pigs. Both of these heritage breed hogs excel in an outdoor environment and produce excellent quality, flavorful pork.

Our hogs are raised outdoors and provided with shelter, quality food and clean water. They get to act like pigs, interact with each other (pigs are very social creatures) and interact with us daily if they choose. They are truly happy hogs!

Our Red Wattle hogs are registered with the Red Wattle Hog Association and are also Certified Red Wattle. Our Large Blacks are from registered Large Black parents although they are not registered.

We love to talk about pigs and visitors are welcome to come out and meet the herd (scheduling is required).  If you are looking for a feeder pig or breeding stock, we will be happy to help you find the right pig for your needs and goals.

Butcher Pigs -
Scheduled for Processing in August 2022

We have two heritage hogs (Red Wattle/Large Black and Large Black crosses) that will be ready for your freezer in August of 2022. These hogs are sold to you and then delivered to a local custom processor to be cut to your specifications. You buy the hog from Butler Creek Farm and pay Happy Hog Farm & Processing for the processing.

If you’re looking for delicious, naturally raised, heritage pork contact us today to reserve your pig.

Whole hogs are $750 + processing to Happy Hog Farm Processing Meats and we aim for a target weight of 300+ lbs prior to processing. Depending on your cutting instructions this typically should yield between 150 and 200 pounds of premium pork for your freezer. 

Have questions? Call or email us. We’d love to chat!

Red Wattle / Large Black Piglets

We have one last litter of Red Wattle crossed piglets available now.

All remaining piglets are $100 each.


Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions.

Please contact us for current pricing and availability. Prices are subject to change as the price of feed continues to rise.